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Saboungi Construction, Inc., a State of Florida Corporation, has been serving the Central Florida region since 1982. We have established a strong reputation of high standard quality as general contractors, construction managers, design-build contractors, and real estate developers. Call or contact us today for more information about our construction services.
Construction Office — Government Construction Projects in Ormond Beach, FL
Fire Truck Garage — Government Construction Projects in Ormond Beach, FL

Our team has the experience and skill to provide competitive pricing for all types of construction projects including:

  • Structural Steel Design
  • Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Lightweight Insulated Concrete
  • Concrete Tilt Up Walls
  • Post Tension Concrete Slabs
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Slabs And Wall Panels
  • High-Tech Communications Systems And Electronics
  • Sophisticated Climate Control
Our construction experience includes both the public and the private sectors. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects at the Federal, State, County and Municipal levels, including the School Boards. We have successfully completed dozens of private projects for developers, physicians, business owners, including our own real estate developments. Saboungi Construction, Inc. is proud to have all 3 of its project managers as state certified general contractors.

Why Choose Saboungi Construction, Inc.?

Because rainfall and high winds are the norm in Florida, that is why we design projects to withstand those strong elements. Flooding is a major concern so all projects include engineered underground storm water piping and swales leading to onsite retention pond systems.

The constant heat of the Florida sun plus the high humidity requires strong insulation and climate control with dehumidification for all buildings. You can count on us at Saboungi Construction, Inc. to personalize and customize each and every project to suit your needs and environment.
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Call or contact us today for more information about our construction services.